ART interested me very little

Giacometti used to say that art(or "ART" as he wrote it) interested him very little, but truth interested him infinitely more. Yet truth, for him, was the whole of reality as it could be perceived by the artist's eye, capable of discerning in the appearance of a tree, an apple, and above all, of face the inexhaustible source of creative stimulation.

While I was reading the paragraph above, I was stiff by the moment of sharing the thought with Giacometti. And Yes, it is mostly intangible experiences that I hear and feel for... It does not exist right next to me but it breathes in the books and somewhere-else...uncanny world...

It is not difficult to find someone to talk to but it seems not easy to recognize someone who could communicate with.... and I still have one directional communication with the reality. I know the truth, which I could relate deeply with exists in this universe with me, yet in different time and space. I am still waiting for godot not in Samual Beckett's world but in my own world.

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